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TurnItIn Logo

TurnItIn is an online tool that helps faculty determine the originality of written materials presented by students in course assignments. All UWF faculty have access to the TurnItIn service and each faculty can make the service available to students in their classes.

Every paper submitted to is returned in the form of a customized Originality Report. Results are based on exhaustive searches of billions of pages from both current and archived instances of the internet, millions of student papers previously submitted to Turnitin, and commercial databases of journal articles and periodicals.

NOTE: It should be understood that the value reflected in the "Originality Report," a number reflecting's assessment of the originality of the document, is NOT the final deciding factor in the determination of plagiarism.

Many factors go into the "Originality Report" that should be understood and considered by faculty before allegations of plagiarism can or even should be pursued.

The TurnItIn service has implications for copyright of student work, student privacy, and other related issues; therefore, it is critical that all university faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants use TurnItIn appropriately.

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Training manuals in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required):

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