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How do the students get loaded into my course?

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QUESTION: How do I set my tech codes so that my students will be loaded into official course shell?

ANSWER: Go to MyUWF and login with your ArgoNet user ID and password.

Click on ClassMate . This icon is in the Instructor Resources folder.

Find your course under the semester heading. On the right of the screen, under Action, click on Syllabus/Tech Codes.

  • Choose the appropriate Computer Usage from the drop down menu.
  • Click in the elearning course box to indicate that you want to use your official course shell.
    • NOTE: Students cannot view the course until the first day of class unless you give them early access.
  • Select the appropriate eLearning Useage.

SAVE your choice and return to ClassMate.

  • NOTES:
    • Students will only be loaded into official course shells (or course sections) that have the eLearning box checked in ClassMate.
    • Results of these actions do not occur immediately.
      • The loading of students into your online course requires an overnight processing action.

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