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ProctorU Faculty Instructions

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Faculty should visit the ProctorU website ( and watch the "How It Works" video:

  • The video is accessed by selecting the "How It Works" text (bold and light-blue) near the top of the page.
  • There is also another video in the center of the page. This video is also recommended.
  • These two videos are essentially all you need; however, it might prove beneficial to view other videos and information on the page.

Faculty exam development instructions:

  • The exam is developed in e-Learning as usual.
  • On the "Restrictions" tab, during exam development:
    • Security Options:
      • Do not select the Respondus LockDown Browser (it is not needed and will interfere with the proctoring process).
    • Optional Advanced Restrictions
      • Enter a password - do not use your ArgoNet password
        • Write it down and keep for future reference.
        • The password is ONLY given to ProctorU.
    • Timing:
      • NOTE: an exam requiring in excess of two hours to complete will result in a charge to the student of an additional $8.50/hour (above the normal $22.50 fee).

NOTE: Exam Name & Password:

  • The exam name and its associated password are very important, once the exam has been named and a password assigned, do not change them.
  • You may edit questions, but do not change the name of the exam or the password.
    • The name of the exam is important for both the student and the proctor to ensure that the student is in the correct exam.
    • If the password is changed, the proctor will not be able to let the student into the exam.

Sending Exam Data to ProctorU:


This information should be sent to ProctorU at least two weeks prior to the intended exam dates.

  • Go to the following form to enter and send your exam data to ProctorU:
  • You should enter this information into the form at the beginning of the term.
    • Course number
    • Course Name
    • Your last name
    • Contact phone number for business hous
    • Contact phone number for after hours (after 5 pm)
      • Indicate the times when you can be reached
    • The name of the exam
    • The date of the exam:
      • NOTE: Exam dates are critical
        • Caution: Changing exam dates may require your students to reschedule their exam appointments with ProctorU.
        • If exam dates must be changed, the changes should be sent to ProctorU, by email ( at least two weeks in advance.
        • Also, identify any student specific requirements as soon as possible:
          • Student needs extra time due to documented disability
          • Student needs an exam date different from the rest of the class
    • The password for each exam
      • NOTE: Exam passwords are critical
        • Exam passwords should only be given to ProctorU.
        • Passwords are NEVER given to students.
    • Any special information, e.g.:
      • Notes are allowed / not allowed
      • Textbook allowed / not allowed

Critical Information Regarding Lead-Time:

  • Everything must be set-up with sufficient lead-time so that the student is able to contact ProctorU (to schedule their exam time) and NOT BE within three days of the date/time the student intends to take the exam.
    • Again, this is referring to the date and time the student intends to schedule their exam date/time with ProctorU.
    • This is not referring to the date and time of the availability of the exam itself.
    • Failure to avoid this three-day window will incur added expense for the student.

To “receive confirmation” of your actions:

  • Place a checkmark in the “Send me a copy of my responses” box.
  • Select the “Submit” button: This action:
    • Sends the exam data to ProctorU.
    • Triggers a notification to ProctorU that the data has been added to the UWF semester document.
      • This document is updated at both UWF and ProctorU.
    • If the option was selected (“Send me a copy of my responses”), this action also sends a confirmation notice to the “person” submitting the data.
      • If you selected the option to “receive confirmation” and did not receive a confirmation email, THE DATA WAS NOT SENT to ProctorU.

ProctorU Student Instructions:

  • You will need to provide instructions to your students.

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