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FAQ: Copying Course Content

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QUESTION: How do I copy the content from a previous semester's course or a development shell?

ANSWER: You will have to copy your course content into your new official course shell. You may copy from a development course master or from a previous semester's course.

Note: If you need to copy content from another instructor's course, you must first be enrolled in that course as an instructor.

Here are the steps: Copy Course Components PDF Guide

Here is a link to the Collaborate session on Copying Course Components

  1. Open your new official course shell and go to "Edit Course" in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.
  2. On the next screen select the Import/Export/CopyComponents icon/link.
  3. Leave the default Copy Components from another Org Unit (course) and click Search for offering.
  4. On this page you may use the Search feature to find a course, or scroll through the pages.
    • If the oldest semesters are listed first, click twice on the Semester heading to re-sort by most recent semester.
  5. Select the radio button next to the course you want to copy from, and then click Add Selected.
  6. Next, click the button that is labeled Copy All Components if you want everything from the previous course. (See below for instructions on selecting specific items)
  7. Wait for the copy queue to finish (blue and white bar to the right of the screen
    • If everything copied fine, you will see a check in a green circle.
    • If there were errors in teh copy, you will see a message and you can view the copy history to see what may have not copied (typically the Calendar)

    To selcect specific items to copy

    • If you want to select specific items to copy, click on the Select Components button.
      • You may also just check those items you wish to copy, such as the Question Library and/or Quizzes.
      • If you only want the Content be sure to also select the Course Files as well.
      • Please note that student data WILL NOT be copied over.
      • Then click Continue
      • On the next screen you can modify your selections to specific items, or just click Finish. This may take a few moments so do not click copy more than once or you will get multiple copies of your course in your new shell!
      • On the next screen you will see a progress icon for each category of content. When you see all green check marks next to your items, click Done.

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