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Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

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Blackboard Collaborate, Logo

Blackboard Collaborate is an online, synchronous, conferencing tool. It allows for instructors and students to talk to each other over the Internet and can be used with or without video.

Because Blackboard Collaborate is synchronous, instructors teaching in fully online courses must indicate in both their syllabus and Tech Codes if attendance in these live sessions is required and at a fixed time.

Getting Started:

Blackboard Collaborate is easy to use and there are a number of resources available to help you get started:

Moderator Training/Orientation Resources:

Special Consideration:

Many faculty set up their "Online Rooms" in eLearning BEFORE the start of the semester. This is a good idea; however, Drop-Add may "add" students to your course. If the Online Room has not been set up to allow for this, these NEW Students may not be able to access the Online Room.

Room Visibility is an option, available when creating a NEW Online Room, that allows you to specify who has access to the room.

  • Restricted Room - only attendees of the room can view this room and its archives. 
    • If selected, this option REQUIRES that you specify from the Add Attendees list, at the bottom of the NEW Online Room page, who will have access to the room.People NOT in the list, may be added by simply indicating their email address in the Add External Attendee feature.
  • Public Room - anyone in the course can view this room and its archives.
    • This option ensures that anyone in the Classlist has access to the Online Room and students added during Drop/Add will be included.

Student/Participant Quick Reference Guide (PDF):

Download and send this guide to your students.

Examples of how faculty use Elluminate can be found on ATC's Elluminate Archives web page.

  • NOTE: These archived Elluminate recordings are not in the new Blackboard Collaborate format; however, they will provide many useful ideas and techniques that can be easily developed in the new format.

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